JEG Tower in Focus: DOAS Elevators for the New Normal Workplace

One of the key and unique sustainability features that make JEG Tower @ Acacia stand out is its Mitsubishi Destination-Oriented Allocation System (DOAS) elevators that are utilized in all 22 floors of the premium green building.

DOAS elevators are developed to ensure strategic and safe movement within the vertical development, with innovative technology designed to utilize less energy consumption. By optimizing mobility and decongesting key common areas in the building, less energy is consumed.

More than utility savings and lesser energy consumption, the DOAS system integrates the building’s elevators with installed turnstiles that allow for a unique lift assignment, making it easier to contact trace and assuring a less crowded lobby. 

As the economy reopens and more employees are returning to the workplace, JEG Tower’s DOAS elevators add another layer of contactless protection to the building as it reduces the need to press a button for a car call. Through the automated assignment, the allocated car only has one destination, allowing for reduced waiting or time, and energy efficiency.

DOAS Elevators for the New Normal Workplace

Elevators are an essential means of transportation for workers in high-rise office buildings, however, as the workplace adapts to the new normal, many employees become wary of their safety and health while inside a closed and constricted space.

DOAS elevators aid in managing the traffic for building occupants. This system limits the exposure of employees to other tenants in the building from other floors. This helps promote social distancing without sacrificing waiting time.

This system also minimizes the need for touching surfaces as it eliminates elevator buttons. Turnstiles that are situated in the lobby will automatically assign to which elevator car employees need to ride to reach their desired floor. This touchless option mitigates any risk for cross-contamination inside the commercial building.

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As one of the frontrunners of sustainability and advocates of work-life balance in the Philippines, JEG Tower @ One Acacia uplifts the holistic health and well-being of its tenants, especially in the new normal. This 22-storey premium green building has designed office spaces to maximize the use of natural daylight, allow better indoor air quality in all work and common spaces, and organize initiatives to encourage healthier living for its tenants.

Named as 2020’s Best Green Commercial Development in the Philippines and a LEED Gold certified office building, JEG Tower @ One Acacia invests in top-grade amenities and the latest technology to offer the best, safest, and healthiest place to work in Cebu City.

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Redefining Work-Life Balance in the New Normal

If there is something positive that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts agree that it is emphasizing the importance of employee health and safety, exploring the possibility of a more flexible working arrangement, and reiterating the importance of space – especially in the office.

As more economies and industries reopen in the new normal, many companies and businesses are becoming more aware of their responsibilities in taking care of and prioritizing the well-being of their employees. As an effect of the long-term remote work scheme, most employees have also realized the importance of work-life balance.

What is Work-Life Balance in the New Normal?

Mobile devices, cloud sharing applications, and video conferencing platforms have played key roles in making remote work possible during lockdowns. As modern technology offered this possibility and convenience, it also further blurred the line that separates work and the private lives of many workers. In an article published by Forbes Magazine in May, many employers and employees alike reported burnout because of this. International corporations and even local businesses have recognized how “the blurring of lines between home and work and the relentlessness of the pandemic workday have taken a toll on their well-being.”

Redefining work-life balance in the new normal became crucial for companies in order to address it better during business re-entry. With the transition to a more flexible work arrangement, work-life balance now emphasizes the importance of working efficiently without sacrificing the employees’ health and wellness. Work-life balance in the new normal should also highlight rest and strengthening one’s immune system as protection against the virus. Moreover, it should also focus on working within safe and healthy workspaces.

Healthy Spaces for Work-Life Balance

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy post-pandemic workplace should be a balance of occupational health and safety, as well as health promotion efforts and initiatives.

JEG Tower @ One Acacia was designed and built with its occupiers’ health and safety in mind. Even before the pandemic, this premium 22-storey commercial establishment aimed to offer the best workplace in Cebu City.

Homegrown developer, JEG Development Corporation (JDC), has focused on pivoting the evolving needs of the workplace in the new normal and has incorporated systems, fixtures, and technology to inspire work-life balance and provide a safe space for its tenants.

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Through the intelligent utilization of technology, sustainable design and construction methods, and integrated and holistic approach to the well-being of its occupiers, JEG Tower @ One Acacia is the perfect new normal workplace in the heart of Metro Cebu. This premium green building was named 2020’s Best Green Commercial Development in the Philippines for its design and utilization of top-grade amenities to elevate the experience of its tenants. It also recently achieved a LEED Gold certification, making it one of the most sustainable developments in the country.

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Making Waves in the Workplace: Why the Real Estate Industry Needs More Women Leaders

Having female leaders is usually a feat for most companies, but JEG Development Corporation was bound to set new standards from the beginning. Being one of the first few local developers in Cebu, the company is grounded on tradition set by its namesake, Jose E. Garcia, but continues to dare and challenge norms to continue his legacy. Third generation leader, Ayla Gomez, smashes stereotypes and breaks barriers as one of the executive committee members of JDC while advocating for women empowerment and sustainability in the workplace.

“I wouldn’t say it was a dream to be an executive or specifically to be in real estate,” Ayla expressed. “I did, however, have hopes of being able to lead effectively in whatever path I chose to take, and to be able to contribute something of value, and be a team player.”

Breath of Fresh Air

Representing the family business as the brand manager, Ayla stands out as one of the young women who dare to redefine women’s roles in leadership and real estate. Having a background in marketing, design, and business, Ayla applies a different approach in working on JEG Tower @ One Acacia’s branding: she ensures they remain as authentic as possible to their identity and genuinely stand by what the award-winning building represents.

JEG Tower @ One Acacia is JDC’s first vertical development. Despite being arguably the new kids on the block, the 22-storey premium green building has already been recognized as the Philippines’ Best Green Development and was shortlisted as Best Office Development by PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards.

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“We are a small company, even smaller when I came in, and we were starting our first vertical project,” Ayla shared. “I remember thinking back then, “This can be challenging.”, but of course, being small has its advantages which we look at as a strength of ours.” 

Fast forward years after, JEG Tower @ One Acacia is nearing its opening and launch. It is dubbed as the best place to work in Cebu City after earning a LEED Silver Pre-certification and an accreditation from PEZA. 

Green Branding Redefined

Being “green” is not all about being environmentally friendly today. For a homegrown company like JDC, this project means a way of giving back to the people of Cebu. While constructing a green building is more expensive compared to building normal ones, JDC carries its company values of integrity, visionary, and fortitude.

“If they are building something, we are doing it the best way possible,” Ayla expressed. “We want to make them feel valuable, staying true to JEG Tower’s main vision of revolutionizing work and life balance.”

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The importance of green buildings is being emphasized much more today as the world faces a global health crisis in the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, green buildings encompass a holistic approach in real estate, where sustainability is measured in providing a safe and healthy space for building occupants, while minimizing the harmful effects of construction and operations on the environment.

“I felt very strongly about the project and the sustainable direction it was leading in. I was excited to be part of one of the first movers in Cebu real estate to recognize this importance and to help bring this to the forefront in the community here,” she said. 

Inspiring More ‘Girl Bosses 

Gone are the times that it is unconventional for companies to have female leaders. In fact, Ayla shared an interesting trivia: “According to the Grant Thornton 2020 Women in Business Survey, 43% of female executives in the country hold senior leadership roles, and the Philippines ranked first as having the most number of female executives. This is definitely inspiring!”

Progressive companies and more ‘tenacious, compassionate, and collaborative’ women leaders work hand in hand in normalizing how gender does not define nor limit brilliance nor competence in leadership.

“One challenge that women leaders face is having to assert ourselves more because most industries are still very much male dominated, which puts women on an uneven playing field,” she shared. “Most times, a woman’s competence is questioned and criticized more than of a man’s.”

Despite this, Ayla inspires more girl bosses and women leaders to eliminate inequality and stereotypes in the industry. “The gender bias or double standard is prevalent and is something that women are fighting to change. Women continue to break the glass ceiling and make waves in the workplace.”

Representing JEG Development Corporation and fellow women, Ayla calls for an inclusive workplace for all in working towards a ‘gender-balanced’ society. “Be proactive. Let us continue to make our voices heard and make others listen,” she stated. “Whether it is for equal pay or more representation in the company, let us push for action to evaluate, identify, and prevent an unconscious bias.”