2022 resolutions for a greener & healthier workplace

The new year is a perfect opportunity to start greener and healthier resolutions in the office. As the world continues to recover and adjust to a better normal, many companies and employees commit to being healthier and more conscious about public safety and the environment.

Here are some simple and sustainable New Year resolutions for a greener and healthier office and organization in 2022:

Go Paperless (as much as you can)

Going completely paperless may be a long reach but trying to limit the use of new paper or recycling old ones is always a good start. As companies transition to a hybrid work set-up, cloud-based apps and software can also be a good way of conserving paper.

‘Bike or Walk to Work’ Day

To lessen the emission of carbon monoxide, some countries observe a national “Bike to Work” day every May. This observance does not only raise the awareness of cyclists, but also promotes the health benefits of exercise and advocates for the protection of the environment.

Young Asian woman ride bikes to work she is happy and safe

Some office and commercial establishments, like JEG Tower @ One Acacia, advocates for this alternative by offering bike racks within the building and providing shower rooms on parking floors.

Organize Company Health Programs

To promote health, wellness, and camaraderie, employers can organize company-wide health programs and allot office hours for everyone to join. Various initiatives such as seminars, workout sessions, or mental health consultations can greatly impact employees’ holistic well-being.

Promote Public Health
There is a renewed global recognition of the importance of health and wellness after the world experienced a pandemic. Public health has become a focus for policy makers, government units, and private organizations.

In a report by the World Health Organization, a safe and healthy community can be ensured through effective guidelines that are observed by a group of people at all times. Providing a workplace setting that uplifts and prioritizes the overall well-being and safety of its employees creates a significant impact on public health.

Commit to Green Initiatives
Companies who want to shift to sustainability this year can start by committing to environmental initiatives. By getting involved in community-based programs and organizing projects for the environment, companies will not only greatly impact the cause but would also earn a brand image that takes care of the environment.

Conserve Energy

Conserving energy in the workplace does not only benefit the company’s utility costs, it also significantly benefits the environment. Premium green buildings, like JEG Tower @ One Acacia, address greenhouse gases by reducing the amount of energy required for building operations. With a whole-building approach, these establishments use energy more efficiently by utilizing top-of-the-line technology.

JEG Tower @ One Acacia advocates for the holistic well-being and safety of its tenants and occupants. Committed to revolutionizing work and life balance, the award-winning building offers office and retail spaces that maximize the use of natural daylight, allow better indoor air quality in all work and common spaces, and utilize solar energy for more efficiency.

Want to learn more about how JEG Tower @ One Acacia promotes sustainability and advocates for holistic health in the Philippines? Reach out to Gerold Fernando at (+63) 917-565-3547 or send an email to jegtower@kmcmaggroup.com.