JEG Tower @ One Acacia Set to Launch this Year

Amid the pandemic, JEG Tower @ One Acacia is finally nearing its completion and launch this year. Now with 97% of its structure done, the 22-storey premium green building is set to open its doors to the public by the first half of 2021.

The tower’s office and retail floors are already completed and are soon to be ready for turnover. Each office floor measures approximately 1,133 sq m, which can be leased whole or could be subdivided by prospect tenants.

JEG Tower @ One Acacia was hailed as the country’s Best Green Commercial Development and was shortlisted for Best Office Development at the PropertyGuru Property Awards in the Philippines last year. This milestone serves as a win for Cebu City’s expansion of sustainable development pipeline.

JEG Development Corporation (JDC)’s maiden high rise project is also the city’s newest PEZA accredited building. This LEED Silver Pre-certified building is also expected to achieve its Gold Certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC) as it finishes construction this year.

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Unveiling of the Roof Deck Garden

What is left of the construction is the completion of the tower’s architectural crown jewel, its highly anticipated green roof deck on the 22nd floor. This distinct feature is one of JEG Tower’s dedicated green spaces, offering a breathable space for tenants and visitors in the building.

JEG Tower In Focus: Roof Deck Garden featuring Cebu’s Endemic Flora

As a proud homegrown real estate developer, JDC celebrates its Cebuano roots through its company and brand identity, especially through its high-rise venture in the real estate industry. The rooftop is set to feature purely endemic flora of Cebu such as:

  • White Kalachuchi Tree
  • Peacock Plant Shrub
  • Pandanus Shrub
  • Eugenia Shrub
  • Peace Lily
  • Yellow Iris

500YOC in Cebu

Complimenting legacy and heritage, the opening of JEG Tower @ One Acacia this year coincides with the celebration of the quincentenary of the establishment and promulgation of Christianity in the Philippines.

While relatively being one of the new kids on the real estate and construction block in Cebu City, JEG Development Corporation traces a long history of celebrating the Cebuano heritage through the legacy of its namesake, Jose E. Garcia, who also founded the company in 1994.


With diverse real estate developments in Cebu City, JDC is a proud homegrown developer who always puts forward the well-being and welfare of their fellow Cebuanos.

“JDC’s main thrust has always been to enrich the lives of the communities where our properties are built. We may be a relatively new player in the industry, but our local roots are strong and deep, which is why we are committed to always uplift Cebu through our properties especially with the many adjustments because of the pandemic,” Marko Sarmiento, JDC’s Chief Operating Officer said.

Recovering Economy

Many local economists are optimistic that Cebu’s economy will pick up soon as more and more people receive the vaccine. The Cebu Chamber of Commerce Industry (CCCI) has expressed its support to the government’s vaccination program, expressing that this will be the key to the local industry’s gradual economic recovery.

By introducing state-of-the-art technology and innovative sustainable features, JEG Tower @ One Acacia serves as a game-changer and pacesetter as businesses slowly transition back to normal operations in Cebu City.

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“Even before the pandemic, we have always envisioned JEG Tower to be the game changer that challenges the perspective of businesses when it comes to the workplace,” the company’s Brand Manager Ayla Gomez added. “We want to encourage them to put a high priority to providing a healthier workplace, because we see the greater impact on our overall wellbeing and the world we live in,” Gomez said.

More than developing a premium green building, JDC strives to provide a healthy and safe space for the Cebuanos and business occupiers that will expand in Cebu.

“By pivoting towards green development, Cebu would be a better place to live, work and do business in, as this would reduce both pollution and illness by improving the air quality, waste management, and livability of our urban areas,” Stefan Garcia, JDC’s Estate Manager, shared. “JEG Tower is built using green techniques, with management plans for soil erosion, waste management, and air quality. A less polluted environment ensures better health, especially lung health, which proved to be a key factor for people during this pandemic,” he reiterated.

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JEG Tower In Focus: Roof Deck Garden featuring Cebu’s Endemic Flora

One of the most distinguishing features of JEG Tower @ One Acacia is its unique green roof that makes the 22-storey commercial tower a standout in the Cebu City skyline. This roof deck garden offers a dedicated green space in the middle of the cityscape to tenants and visitors of the buildings.

As a proud homegrown real estate developer, JEG Development Corporation (JDC) celebrates its Cebuano roots through their company and brand identity, especially through their first high-rise venture in the real estate industry. The rooftop is set to feature purely endemic flora of Cebu such as:

  • White Kalachuchi Tree
  • Peacock Plant Shrub
  • Pandanus Shrub
  • Eugenia Shrub
  • Peace Lily
  • Yellow Iris

Aside from pushing for a greener Cebu, JDC has also partnered with local businesses, suppliers, and contractors in the completion of the commercial development. JEG Tower @ One Acacia becomes a portfolio of Cebuano skills, talents, and heritage.

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Planting the ‘Right’ Trees

Choosing endemic flora to be featured in JEG Tower’s roof deck garden also allows the improvement and continuity of the local natural landscape in Cebu. Planting native species of greenery leads to better utilities management and savings. Since these trees and plants are familiar with the local climate, they do not need extra resources to thrive and flourish.

Preserving Cebu’s Biodiversity

As the economic center of the Visayan Region, Cebu is rapidly becoming a concrete jungle, especially in the Cebu Central Business District and the metropolis. According to reports, deforestation is one of the main environmental issues of the region because of population growth, rampant urbanization, and small-scale mining.

Combating Air Pollution

In 2019, the air quality in Cebu City was officially declared as ‘unhealthy’ by the Environment Management Bureau (EMB-7). The government organization has urged the public to take safety precautions to combat this environmental problem.

Cebu City Councilor Alvin Dizon told the media in January that the local government unit will push for more initiatives and encourage the business sector to help decrease the air pollution levels in the province.

“While we cannot totally eliminate air pollution given that this is one of the realities of rapid urbanization, we can at least make investments to lower the levels of air pollution in our city to improve the cardiovascular, respiratory, and mental health of our people, both in the short and long run,” Dizon said.

Extensive planting within city centers is now widely recognized as a means of improving air quality. Scientists and researchers also encourage the creation of as many green spaces within cities to reduce the number of polluting air particles and compounds. Plants also reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and produce more oxygen.

Building green roofs also benefit the building’s tenants and occupiers by contributing to sound reduction, improves workplace aesthetic, reduces ambient temperature, and regulates indoor temperature. Roof deck gardens also help in saving energy and encourage biodiversity in the citray.

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JEG Tower @ One Acacia is Cebu’s newest PEZA accredited premium green building. Being named the country’s Best Green Commercial Development in 2020, the tower serves as a milestone in the Visayan Region’s shift to sustainability.

As the concept of sustainability gets redefined to encompass a holistic approach in real estate, a building’s green features do not only lessen the negative impacts to the environment, but also provide an ideal space for the physical and mental well-being of the building’s tenants. Dedicated to offering the best workplace in Cebu City, JEG Development Corporation is set to open a unique and impressive architectural feature in JEG Tower @ One Acacia.

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Defining Innovation in Real Estate

“The people of Cebu deserve so much more.”

This is the message that JEG Development Corp. (JDC)’s Chief Operating Officer, Marko Sarmiento wants to communicate when he and his family conceptualized JEG Tower @ One Acacia, Cebu’s first green building to join the growing number of Metro Cebu’s skyline.

“We have always wanted to do things differently. We want to pursue projects that are not only innovative but relevant as well. Our latest project, the JEG Tower, is a testament to that,” Marko told in an interview with Sustar.

Leading towards a Greener Cebu

JEG Tower @ One Acacia, the city’s first green building, is the Garcia-Sarmiento clan’s pledge to a better Cebu. Driven to push forward this initiative to become the new standard, JDC specifically designed this 22-floor tower towards sustainability which made use of environment-friendly materials and would operationalize as energy efficient as possible.

“We’re building a high-end, LEED pre-certified Silver, sustainable office retail building which we’re taking as both a huge risk and opportunity to do something different than anyone else in the game,” Marko said.

The 1,700-square meter tower, which will fully operate by 2020, is the corporation’s first step leading towards a greener Cebu. While the green movement is in full motion in Metro Manila, it remains to be tapped in Metro Cebu.

“Green developments aren’t a standard yet in Cebu, but we want to take the initiative starting with this building,” Marko told the Freeman. “The green movement in the Real estate industry has so much potential, and I think the Cebuanos can benefit from it,” he said.

“I think we came in the right time,” Ayla Gomez, JDC’s Brand Manager adds. “The trend now is towards building offices and residences is geared towards sustainability.”

JDC’s long-standing presence in Cebu molded the family corporation’s vision to give back to the Cebuanos through their business.

“Constructing a green building is much more expensive compared to normal ones,” Marko admits, “but we’re doing this not with the cost in mind.”

“If they are building something, we are doing it the best way possible,” Ayla added.

Work-Life Balance Revolutionized

Hosting additional Grade A office spaces along Archbishop Reyes near the Cebu Business Park, JEG Tower is fit to house BPO companies and corporate offices in the South. The sustainable design of the building does not only benefit the environment but also takes care of the overall well-being of its occupiers.

Contributing not only to the productivity, but also the health and wellness of its tenants, JEG Tower @ One Acacia provides a lot of green spaces, bike racks, and shower rooms for them to use to their advantage. Its key location also prompts occupants of the building to have their dose of exercise needed by walking to work or to take some time off work and visit neighboring leisure establishments. The design also enhances interior space for maximum views and natural lighting to reduce energy costs.

“We’re going to locate our head office at JEG Tower too,” Marko shares, “We will also experience what our tenants will experience.”

By providing a working environment that improves the productivity and well-being of people, JDC continues to transform itself into a relevant and socially responsible real estate firm.

“It isn’t always about the bottom line but more about the greater good,” added Marko. “We just hope more developers do it. It would benefit the whole industry.”