Greener Philippines: Achieving True Sustainability In Real Estate

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, leading property developers in the Philippines such as JEG Development Corporation have envisioned a greener approach to real estate. Apart from achieving premium green certifications such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), achieving true sustainability has been a distinctive feature as more green developments get built.

In the US, more cities are moving toward achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2025. Improving energy efficiency and sustainability across the current real estate portfolio has been well integrated into the community and urban planning in many countries including the Philippines. The increased demand for better workplaces and sustainable spaces is also due to the remarkable improvement in employee satisfaction.

A US study shows that a 27% increase in satisfaction was reported when individuals are placed inside a healthy building. Using environmentally friendly materials and focusing on indoor air quality have been identified as the key health aspects considered by occupants.

True sustainability goes deeper than having green amenities or features as it can only be achieved through the full-life-cycle approach. According to the Life Cycle Initiative, sustainability should be integrated at all stages of the design and build. Emissions at any stage of designing and construction should be properly tracked to match the claim.

These green considerations must be of vital importance from sourcing or manufacturing materials used to the facilities and amenities placed in the development. The approach also covers the inclusion of green spaces, energy and water efficiency or consumption, and waste management.

Approach On Being Distinctively Green

In the Philippines, JEG Tower @ One Acacia is one of Cebu’s most sustainable estates as it goes beyond the definition of green. Apart from creating premium spaces for work, JEG Development Corporation believes that an occupant-focused and wellbeing-centric approach is impactful on an economic level.

Employing the full-life-cycle approach, the building is created from recyclable construction materials as it utilized steel and cement from coal-fire powerplant waste.

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It also integrated efficiency beyond energy, water, and waste by making sure that it is designed sustainably. Its operable windows prioritized efficiency over aesthetics to provide many key benefits such as optimal indoor air quality by allowing the flow of fresh air and natural light to space.

JEG Tower @ One Acacia has also touched on sustainable transportation by providing ample bike racks and shower rooms for cyclists. They also started an incentivized bike program for JDC employees to encourage fitness and reduce carbon emissions accordingly.

In terms of greenery, the Grade A tower has allocated pocket gardens inside the building and is committed to providing unique outdoor spaces to its occupants. Its groundbreaking green roof will showcase and be home to plants endemic to Cebu.

As with any urban development, JDC has remained steadfast in its pursuit to push for sustainability that does not only provides beautiful spaces but will provide many benefits to its occupants and local communities.

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Why Sustainable Transportation Matters For A Greener Philippines

A more sustainable future is being pursued in most urban areas and metropolitans in the Philippines. Beyond real estate, the push for green extends to how people move around and touches on alternatives that are eco-friendlier and more resilient.

Sustainable transportation takes into consideration the effects of mode of travel on the environment and climate. One of its many benefits is in the improvement of air quality in these cities as fewer vehicles travel, effectively reducing pollution. This also decreases greenhouse gases emission and makes major thoroughfares less congested for easier mobility.

There are also wellness and health benefits for individuals who adopt the lifestyle of biking or cycling, carpooling, and the use of electric scooters to get to places. It is known to improve cardiovascular performance and help in stress reduction especially with the mental strain brought about by the pandemic.

Through the utilization of sustainable transport, noise pollution is also dramatically reduced. According to a study, loud sounds are known to increase stress hormone levels. The longer that these hormones remain in the bloodstream, the higher the risk of acquiring physiological diseases.

It is also more cost-efficient as you can save on fares, gas, or car maintenance expenses. Experts claim that the adoption of sustainable transport alternatives can create more job opportunities for people working in construction, design, technology, and manufacturing.  

The Future of Micro-mobilities and Wellness

The Asia Pacific region is yet to further explore the potential of micro-mobilities sharing such as electric scooters. According to MIT, this is due to the lack of infrastructure and cost that can allow it to prosper such as charging stations or designated parking spaces.

However, more LEED buildings are supportive of the shift to sustainable transportation. Cycling or biking becomes the go-to focal point as a study shows that it also plays a positive role in paving the way for the development of environmentally sustainable cities. After all, bikes have small road space allocation and a relatively low energy requirement in production and maintenance.

Similarly, developments in the country such as JEG Tower @ One Acacia is doing their part in the global zero-emission movement to reduce carbon footprint. The LEED pre-certified Silver building has allocated a space for bike racks to entice more occupants to join in on the green initiative.

Moreover, as part of JEG Development Corporation’s wellness program, employees are encouraged to own a bike through the budget assigned and use it for transport. It has also become an effective social activity that is advantageous for the physical and mental fitness of the team.

In the post-lockdown landscape, mobility proves to be a crucial point of consideration in the road to a more sustainable future. Improving resilience and transitioning to a low-emissions setting through a green recovery will reduce the risk of pandemic vulnerability and can have the potential to boost economic activity.

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Pandemic-Proof Workplace: How LEED buildings stand out

Sustainable real estate is now taking the spotlight, especially in the post-lockdown landscape. Apart from the increasing concern towards Climate Change, pandemic proofing the workplace in green buildings has proven to become easier.

In the Philippines, demand for premium spaces that put its occupants’ wellness and safety. According to the Singapore Green Building Council, the technologies employed by green buildings can help the world prepare for a future when pandemics are more common. Green accreditation can be acquired for certain developments such as JEG Tower @ One Acacia by complying with the standards set by the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED).

Aside from its significant mindfulness of how buildings are built, energy- and water-efficient buildings are equipped with state-of-the-art filtration features that are more likely to reduce respiratory infections and other cardiovascular diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) also acknowledged the shift in priority when it comes to places where people congregate or spend time in as it can save lives, lower threats to the health condition of a community, and improve quality of life.  

How to pandemic-proof the office

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