Cebu City has quickly become the economic center of the province and the whole Visayan region. With its bustling commercial profile, growing population of a consumer market, and a huge influx of local and international tourists, having a retail space in Metro Cebu is an attractive business opportunity for many Cebuanos.

Finding the best retail space in Cebu may be intimidating for some. Similar to choosing the ideal office location, deciding where to locate your business can be a major impact on your public presence, foot traffic, and revenue among others. Here are some key steps in finding the best retail space for your business in Cebu:

Set your Size Requirement

Hunting for a retail space in Metro Cebu should start on knowing what your business needs, especially the size you need to operate. It will also be beneficial to consider options that have provisions for expansion in the future.

Consider the Best Location

Location is always the top priority when it comes to choosing a commercial space for business. However, the best retail location in Cebu for your business should depend on more considerations such as the type of goods you sell, your target market, accessibility, and competition. The location can also determine other operational expenditures in the long run.

Accessibility for Employees and Clients

Your retail business’ location should be accessible not only to your clients and target market but also to your employees. Locating in an accessible location can promote a better work-life balance for your employees. Another factor is its proximity to key and other essential establishments.

Cap your Budget

Lease rates should also be one of the most crucial considerations in finding the best retail space for your business in Cebu. Locating in a space that is priced too high can affect your return on investment (ROI) and could put a strain on the business’ sustainability.

Inspect the Site

Before signing your lease, make sure to visit the actual space to learn more about it. Ask your broker about maintenance fees or other concessions you can enjoy if ever you sign as a tenant. It is important to visit the space to make sure that you can make use of it efficiently, make yourself familiar with the neighborhood, and plan for your next business steps.

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