The office remains one of the most important aspects of business. In Gensler’s Workplace Index, four key areas in an office space were identified that employees need: a space to focus, collaborate, learn, and socialize. Additionally, factors such as lighting, functional space, and equipment can also affect their efficiency and motivation at work. 
An office can also cultivate company culture and exude company branding. In fact, the workplace is one of the endemic ways a company communicates its essence to its clients, investors, and future employees. While a company’s identity and culture are not made up of tangible factors, research suggests that factors affecting an office space such as interior design, architecture, etc. can influence or even change an organization’s culture. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your business address: 

Client & Employee Convenience 
Location plays an important role in choosing the best business address. It needs to be easily accessible to local commuters and your clients, but it should also be in a building or neighborhood that offers desirable amenities for your employees. 
Most companies prefer locating inside central business districts for its proximity to key establishments and ease of access. JEG Tower @ One Acacia, Cebu City’s newest premium green building, is accessible through one of the metro’s main thoroughfares, Archbishop Reyes Avenue. It is also strategically located at the gateway of Cebu IT Park and Cebu Business Park. 

Proximity to Talent 
Locating in a business address near colleges and universities is also a way of promoting your brand to the next batch of labor force. Having a steady pool of ambitious talent incessantly looking for opportunities and for making a difference can help you innovate and keep up with employment trends for your tenants. 
Being in the heart of Cebu City, JEG Tower is located numerous educational institutions and campuses such as UP Cebu (1.2 km), University of Southern Visayas (2.0 km), University of Cebu (3.0 km), and Cebu Normal University (2.0 km) 
Flexibility & Provisions for Expansion 
The new normal unveiled the perks of flexibility in the workplace. Gone are the days when employees are tied to an eight-hour work shift inside their office cubicles. Office spaces that support an open office layout are also preferred to encourage collaboration and socialization between workmates and employees. 
Moreover, having the option to expand is also a plus for companies. Spaces that can physically accommodate businesses’ growth should also be a consideration especially in a dynamic and fast-paced business landscape. 
Brand Association 
Your office location can also tell a lot about your brand identity and what your company stands for. Job seekers today pay more attention to these details that can also contribute to recruitment and employee retainment.  
As one of the frontrunners of sustainability in the Visayas, JEG Development Corporation designed and built JEG Tower @ One Acacia to be the best place to work in Cebu City. This 22-storey premium green building is also a show of support for homegrown skills and talents, showcased through its workspaces and common areas. 
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