The use of solar panels as an alternative energy source can be one of the unique features of a green building. Commercial solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into electricity in order to meet the building’s power needs to operate. As sustainability continues to be one of the standards in real estate development in the new normal, more and more property owners are considering to install commercial solar panels to attract tenants and occupiers. Here are some benefits of using solar power energy in the workplace:

Energy Independence

With growing power demand, overburdened networks and increasingly erratic weather, electricity supply remain volatile in some parts of the Philippines. Commercial buildings that utilize solar panels reduce its dependency on the local power grid.

Stored solar energy can help in guaranteeing a 100% uptime and providing a more reliable backup power to sustain business operations in case of a power blackout.

Environmental Impacts

Solar power is a clean and renewable energy that does not contribute to the creation of carbon emissions in the world, effectively reducing air pollution. By using solar power instead of the municipal power supply, businesses that are located in solar-powered establishments limit the production of greenhouse that also contributes to common health problems such as asthma.

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Operational Savings

Installing solar panels and sourcing electricity from the sun’s rays also reduces the building’s operational costs. Since commercial buildings that utilize collected and stored solar energy are not purely dependent on local power grids, businesses can expect a partial cut off their monthly utility bills.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses and brands that support and promote sustainability leave a positive and lasting impression on existing and potential clients. Using solar energy and contributing against climate change is considered to be a plus for a company’s CSR.

Return on Investment

Installing and utilizing solar panels has the potential to increase the resale value of any commercial property. Real estate and property investors are more inclined to pay a premium for developments that have solar-enabled assets that deliver benefits to their tenants and occupants.

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Push for sustainability locally

Named as 2020’s Best Green Commercial Development in the Philippines, JEG Tower @ One Acacia is designed towards sustainability and operates to reduce negative impacts to the environment, and provide a safe and healthy working environment in Metro Cebu.

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